Contact The Hall If You Are Out Of Work

When you get laid off or are looking for work, contact the hall. If you are going to work please contact the hall to let us know. You can leave a voicemail if it is after hours 800-962-6464.


To take an IMPACT drug test please call the hall at 1-800-962-6464 or (269) 962-8511 and ask for Angie.


Please contact the hall if you are interested in any upgrade classes, welding certifications, OSHA classes or other classes. We are putting these classes together on an as-need basis. The training center is available for welding on Wednesdays until 8pm if you are interested in practicing but you should call before you come down. 800-962-6464 or (269) 962-8511.


If you have some news (birth, anniversary, etc.) you would like to share please contact Angie at 800-962-6464 to have it put on our Facebook page & Web site.